Blue Marble Next Generation

Chris Bell and Creative Design Studios Team proud to bring you Blue Marble and Blue Marble Next Generation!

Everyone knows that NASA studies space; fewer people know that NASA also studies Earth. The Earth didn't appear blue in NASA's first satellite images; rather, the Television Infrared Observation Satellite, known as TIROS, beamed home images in black and white. On December 7, 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 changed the way we look at our home planet. This photograph illustrates the Earth as an isolated ecosystem, floating in space taken during the Apollo mission; provided full-color images of Earth, from a distance of about 45,000 km (28,000 mi),

NASA released a new version of the spectacular image collection that provides a full year's worth of monthly observations with twice the level of detail as the original (86,400 pixels by 43,200 pixels).The new collection affectionately named the “Blue Marble: Next Generation.”

This new Earth imagery enhances the Blue Marble legacy by providing a detailed look at an entire year in the life of our planet. Like the original, the Blue Marble: Next Generation is a mosaic of satellite data taken mostly from a NASA sensor called the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) that flies board NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites, Blue Marble: Next Generation offers greater spatial detail of the surface and spans a longer data collection period than the original.

Inspired by and attributed to NASA Blue Marble project… Chris Bell and Creative Design Studios Team are proud to bring to your favorite Sim platform - Blue Marble and Blue Marble Next Generation. a direct and seamless replacement to sim's native outdated high altitude imagery natively embedded in every sim core dataset,

Using NASA's latest datasets we processed and compiled all 12 months datasets; coupled with our custom made night map, We are able to deliver for the first time ever a true and dynamically accurate globe from every angle possible all year round!

our Blue Marble features imagery of land surfaces of each month, with a maximum resolution of 1000 meters per pixel (43,200 pixel by 21,600 pixel). and our Blue Marble Next Generation offers greater spatial detail of the surface, with a maximum resolution of 500 meters per pixel (86,400 pixels by 43,200 pixels).

Both Blue Marble and Blue Marble: Next Generation offers a year's worth of monthly composites never available before at a spatial resolution of 500 or 1000 meters respectively, These monthly images reveal seasonal changes to the land surface: the green-up and dying-back of vegetation in temperate regions such as North America and Europe, dry and wet seasons in the tropics, and advancing and retreating Northern Hemisphere snow cover.

With the data accumulated these days your simulation platform is simply incomplete without Blue marble these days!

Compatible with all major simulation platforms:

Prepar3D v1.x, v2.x, v3.x., v4.x., FSX Steam Edition, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, as well as all major Third party add-ons!!!

Chris Bell, Creative Design Studios

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